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The Surf Room

Tiki decor and other tropical surf decor.  
Bamboo Tiki Lamps

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Check out our cool surfboard beds and bamboo tiki hut beds. Our line of surfboard furniture and bamboo furniture features our Surf's Up surfboard bed, bamboo tiki style surf shack bed, and our surfboard step stool. All of our surfboard furniture is quality made with great attention to detail. Our surfboard beds can be custom painted to match your decor.

 Bedroom Furniture - Product list  
Surf's Up Growth Chart Surf's Up Surfboard Bed Surf Shack Bamboo Bed
Price: $ 39.00
Price: $ 475.00
Price: $ 1,121.25
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Tiki Hut Bamboo Bed Surfboard Bathroom Shelf & Towel Rack Surfboard Step Stool - Surf's Up
Price: $ 1,675.00
Price: $ 129.00
Price: $ 89.00
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Mutt Hut Bamboo Dog Bed
Price: $ 169.00
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 Surfboard Step Stool - Surf's Up
 Surf's Up Surfboard Bed
 Mutt Hut Bamboo Dog Bed
 Surf Shack Bamboo Bed

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Personalized Surfboard Signs
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Surfboard Rack

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